Interesting/Weird Stats on the Season

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Interesting/Weird Stats on the Season

Postby BF004 » Tue Nov 12, 2013 9:01 pm

:arrow: Philadelphia Eagles are in a tie for first place in their division and have not won a home games 10 games into the season.

:arrow: Cowboys have given up 1,248 yards in two games between the Lions and Saints (10.4 yards per minute) :shock:

:arrow: Aaron Rodgers is the only QB on the season to out throw a Browns QB in yardage in any game. Likewise, Jarrett Boykin is the only player to get more receiving yards in a game than a Brown this year. Browns are 4-1 in games Weeden does not start. 0-4 in games he does.

:arrow: The entire state of Florida has 6 wins. The state of Missouri has 13

Anyone have a few to share?
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