Officiating Crew (Week 12)

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Officiating Crew (Week 12)

Postby JustJeff » Fri Nov 22, 2013 6:20 pm

Our officiating crew this week is headed by Bill Vinovich.

Bill Vinovich

Bill Vinovich came up through the ranks working in the crews of referees Dick Hantak and then Ed Hochuli. He was a referee for six years, but retired in 2007 under doctor’s advice due to a heart condition. He served as the replay official for Ed Hochuli’s crew until last year, when he was given a clean bill of health and returned to the field as a substitute referee. As a substitute ref, he heads existing crews.

Vinovich’s crew has similar tendencies to Ed Hockuli’s crew, with low flag counts and low offensive holding calls.

If there is a negative to be found, it is that Vinovich's crew can slow the pace of no-huddle. He has had issues with Peyton Manning and slowed us against the Rams last year.

One other interesting side note: Vinovich made the presentation during the offseason for the new rule prohibiting running backs from using the crown of their hat as a weapon outside of the tackle and/or three yards downfield. During the presentation he said, “Adrian Peterson was probably the best example. The old Barry Sanders and Walter Payton (runs), when they were out in the open field and said, ‘I’m just going to take you on,’ that’s what they want to eliminate.”

Vinovich’s Crew
Referee - 52 Bill Vinovich, Lake Forest, Calif., 9
Umpire - 121 Paul King, Worcester, Mass., 5
Head Linesman - 48 Jim Mello, North Andover, Mass., 10
Line Judge - 10 Julian Mapp, East Point, Ga., 5
Field Judge - 33 Steve Zimmer, Smithtown, N.Y., 17
Side Judge - 58 Jimmy DeBell, Conesus, N.Y., 5
Back Judge - 63 Jim Quirk, Holmdel, N.J., 4

Vinovich is also a NCAA Basketball ref.
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