Fun Mock v.017

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Fun Mock v.017

Postby BF004 » Mon Mar 24, 2014 3:17 pm

Packers file tampering charges against Oakland for talking with James Jones early.

NFL comes down hard and Packers and Raiders swap every pick.

Sign Flynn and Kuhn

Round 1 - Pick 5

*** TRADE ***
Giants trade up from 12 and also give us their 2nd and 4th for our pick 5 and our 6th rounder so they can get Greg Robinson. Watkins, Mack, Clowney off the board.

Round 1 - Pick 12
Darqueze Denard - CB - Michagan State
Definitely your more traditional shut down type CB than playmaker. Shields has those ball skills, so now we need our Al Harris to go with our Woodson

Round 2 - Pick 5
Ryan Shazier - ILB - Ohio State
From what I hear, a click slower diagnosing a play than a guy like Mosely, but if it starts clicking for this guy, Canton is a likely destination.

Round 2 - Pick 12
Jimmy Ward - S - Northern Illinois
Kind of a do it all safety who really excels at nothing, good in run support, quick to react in coverage, played a lot of centerfield successfully, think he has a great ceiling.

*** Trade ***
Pick 3.5 and pick 4.12 are given to move up in the 2nd

Round 2 - Pick 20
Jace Amaro - TE - Texas Tech
Good receiving talent, word is great character and locker room guy. Has a knack for finding the soft spots in those 5-10 yards curl routes.

Round 4 - Pick 5
Justin Ellis - NT - La Tech
Bit fattie of a man you'd expect to hold groun 2 gapping, yet I see the quickness to get upfield in a one gap, feel that is the premium mold right now for the 3-4 NT's.

*** Trade ***
Trade our 5th and 7th to move up to the late 4th

Round 4 - Pick 24
Josh Huff - WR - Oregon
Falls a bit to the WR depth, but electic player after the catch

Round 4 - Comp
Kenny Ladler - S - Vanderbilt
Need a 3rd Vandy guy in the secondary. Personally I just hate our safety position, still not sold on Burnett as a long term starter so brining in some extra competition seems like a good idea to me.

Round 5 - Comp
Charles Leno - OT - Boise State
Get a little tackle depth with possible interior help. If he clicks at RT, can save a lot of cash by letting Bulaga walk.


Offense (24)

WR: Nelson / Boykin / Harper
WR: Cobb / Huff
LT: Bakhtiari
LG: Sitton / Barclay
OC: Tretter / Gerhart
RG: Lang / Taylor
RT: Bulaga / Leno
TE: Amaro / Quarless / Taylor
QB: Rodgers / Flynn
RB: Lacy / Starks / Franklin / Harris
FB: Kuhn

Defense (26)

3T: Daniels / Jones
NT: Raji / Ellis
5T: Boyd / Worthy
Leo: Perry / Peppers / Neal
Mike: Hawk / Barrington
Will: Shazier / Jones / Jones
Sam: Matthews / Palmer
CB: Williams / Denard / Bush
CB: Shields / Hayward / House
S: Ward / Hyde
S: Burnett / Ladler

Special Teams (3)

K: Crosby
P: Masthay
LS: Goode
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