The Glory Years - Yearbooks

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The Glory Years - Yearbooks

Postby Satori » Thu Jul 24, 2014 5:21 am

The WI Historical Society has a lot of great Packer history and one of the cool things they did was to put the Yearbooks from 1960- through- 1967 into the public archive via a benevolent donor.
Its in a section called Turning Points and linked below

Its really interesting to go back and look at the game, the team, the players, even the sportswriting- everything was so different in the 60's. Some of the ads will surprise you too...

Link takes you to 1960 and if you scroll down along the right side you'll see the rest of the seasons listed.
Its a little clunky to page through, but its worth it imo

Titletown was born...(and its time for this team to add another chapter) ... p/id/69243
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