Tyler Dunne's post game transcript

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Tyler Dunne's post game transcript

Postby flapackfan » Mon Sep 15, 2014 7:12 pm

Q: AJ, Milwaukee - Mike Daniels turned in a huge game from the 2nd Q on, but obviously it takes more than one player to turn around the Packer D, after it gave up two 80+ yard TD drives. What other adjustment did you see from Capers that allowed the Packer D to stop the bleeding from the 2nd Q on?
A: Tyler Dunne - Greetings, everyone. Thank you for all of your questions here and staying up late. Let's roll. AJ, two points on the Packers' defense turning things around --- and this certainly was a tale of two halves for Dom Capers' unit. In a span of two minutes in the locker room afterward, Mike Neal used the word "tempo" 10 times. He insists the key was the Packers finally being able to slow down Geno Smith and the Jets' no-huddle offense. The Jets took a page out of the Seahawks' playbook in trying to catch Green Bay scrambling in personnel. The 84- and 80-yard touchdown drives by New York to start the game were rooted in a fast pace. Smith did damage with his feet and caught the Packers napping with misdirection, draws, etc. And to slow the Jets down, Capers needed to punch back. It sure seemed like the defensive coordinator blitzed a lot more in the second half. Say what you want about Capers -- and much has been said -- but he has often managed to fluster young passers. Finally, he got to Smith. And, as you mention, Mike Daniels was a huge difference-maker today.
Q: Scott, Cereal city, U.S.A - Hey Tyler. My wife is a Niagara University alum, (your neck of the woods, right?), while I come from Bob McGinn land, Marquette, Yooperland, Michigan. Two things: how did you think Latimore played, and why aren't they sending a tight end down the seam more?
A: Tyler Dunne - Scott: You bet. Only about an hour or so away. Nice. To Question No. 1 here, Jamari Lattimore seemed to have a solid game. He finished with seven tackles and did a good job of containing Chris Johnson. This isn't the Chris Johnson of 2011 or 2012, but he still has some wheels. Impressive that Green Bay held one of the fastest players in the league to 1.8 yards per carry. Lattimore played a key role in not letting Johnson gain the edge. To Question No. 2, it appears the Packers don't have any confidence in Quarless or Richard Rodgers to run the deep seam. Cannot recall one play in which either player did so and they combined for one catch for eight yards. They miss Jermichael Finley's size and athleticism between the hashes, for sure. Maybe Brandon Bostick grows into this threat, but they're clearly easing him back to action. He played today, but not on offense.
Q: Mitch, St Augustine, Fl - Have Davante Adams and DuJuan Harris moved up the depth chart? Don't remember seeing Starks at all.
A: Tyler Dunne - Mitch: Yes, the Packers did cut Davante Adams loose today for the first time. After a Jarrett Boykin drop in the red zone, Adams started seeing a lot more reps and certainly says a lot that Aaron Rodgers targeted him seven times today after the two didn't get any work together in the exhibition games. We might see Adams grab that starting spot for good soon. He's bigger, faster and is quickly gaining knowledge in the offense. Cannot recall any busted routes or glances from Rodgers today. He knew where to be, ran clean routes and was reliable. One thing. Adams was kicking himself in the locker room afterward (and taking a ribbing from David Bakhtiari) for not taking his 24-yard north and south for a touchdown. On Harris/Starks, those two could take turns behind Lacy. Sam Gash was very high on James Starks' performance in Seattle. They must've just liked Harris' punchy running style against Rex Ryan's defense for those two short passes.
Q: tazrule - Tyler, I feel like the Packers could do a better job of creating matchups. For example, using different receivers in the slot, using motion, making better use of "pick" plays, etc. I feel like the offense is slightly predictable. What do you think?
A: Tyler Dunne - Taz: I'd agree with you after the Seattle game, when the Packers remained in those stagnant three-wide receiver sets. After another stagnant start Sunday, Mike McCarthy did start to open things up a bit. You saw Jordy Nelson on the, yes, right side of the field. Adams got more looks. Randall Cobb was in the backfield. And McCarthy was really trying to set up that play-action bomb to Nelson. Eddie Lacy didn't have much running room (43 yards on 13 carries), but sticking with him just enough helped tee up that 80-yard touchdown pass to Nelson. Overall, it seems like McCarthy would rather stick with what he knows works than get too cute with formations and trickeration. And really, why do anything too different when Nelson is abusing Milliner on the outside the way he was?
Q: Bill - Hyde update?
A: Tyler Dunne - Bill: Nothing on Micah Hyde. Nothing on Andy Mulumba. Both left the game with knee injuries and McCarthy doesn't say much at all about injuries after the game anymore.
Q: Mike M., Las Vegas, NV - Do you think that Sherrod may be able to overcome his shortcomings with speed rushers with more experience or could this be as good as it gets?
A: Tyler Dunne - Mike: Derek Sherrod had his rough moments early. He wasn't alone, though. T.J. Lang was beat by Calvin Pace for one sack and Rodgers had all day to throw on another sack. Sherrod was beaten by Coples, struggled and got some help from a back as the game progressed. Overall, he survived his first start. The Packers probably would like to get Bryan Bulaga back sooner rather than later.
Q: Greg, Joliet, IL - Tyler, In your opinion who was the MVP on the Packer defense in today's game ?
A: Tyler Dunne - Greg: It's Mike Daniels, hands down. The guy who wanted to "spit" on his performance at Seattle was a different player here against the Jets. In all, he finished with five solo stops, a sack, two TFL's and two QB hits. He was a problem in New York's backfield. The most encouraging sign for Green Bay is probably how well Daniels held up in the run game. He's one of the shortest defensive linemen in the NFL -- it was a calculated gamble to use Daniels as a base player (be it 4-3 or 3-4). Ivory and Johnson didn't do much against Green Bay.
Q: Mitch, St Augustine, Fl - Tyler, what was up with Casey Hayward...how many snaps did he get, any? How about the status of Micah Hyde?
A: Tyler Dunne - Mitch: This is probably what you'll see out of Green Bay's defense throughout the season. At Seattle, Hayward played and Davon House did not. Against the Jets, House played and Hayward did not. They're going to line up corners based on match-ups. This game, they wanted House working against New York's bigger, more physical receivers outside and then moved Tramon Williams inside. Other times, you'll probably see Hayward in the slot against teams with potent slot receivers. House played well, an extension of his training camp. You can make the case that he played better than any other Packers cornerback through the summer.
Q: Chris K, Pompano Beach - That defense looked pretty good in the second half Ty! : )
A: Tyler Dunne - Chris: We have a strict no-smiley face policy during this chats. This is your first warning. ... Yes, it did. Geno Smith's passer rating was a meager 46.8 in the second half once Dom Capers started getting creative/aggressive with his pressures. Wrote about this for the paper, but at halftime the players said there wasn't any yelling. No passionate speeches. The defense got together and made some significant schematic changes --- more pressure being one of those changes.
Q: Doug - Crosby has now made 18 in a row. 55 yarder today. Maybe giving up on players after one bad season isnt' the way to go, after all.
A: Tyler Dunne - Doug: Correct. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But the Packers tend to stick with players many other teams would give up on. They stuck with Mason Crosby after the worst season of his career and he responded with the best. Now, he's in a groove with 18 in a row, nearing his own team record of 23. Kicking is so mental. Crosby was in a dark place and emerged from it. The Packers deserve credit for showing faith. Meanwhile, you can make the case that the team has also stuck with starters (M.D. Jennings, Jeff Saturday comes to mind) a tad too long.
Q: joe, Schaumburg, IL - HI Tyler, did Lattimore do enough today to warrant more playing time, or even to ""encourage"" the coaches to sit Brad Jones another week to fully heal ??
A: Tyler Dunne - Joe: Not sure. When we talked about Lattimore this past week, I asked LB coach Winston Moss about Brad Jones. It sounds like the Packers will turn back to Jones when healthy for now. Moss said: “Brad has played a lot of really good football for us. So I’m looking forward to him getting back into it and putting himself in a position that allows him to help us out.” So, we'll see. As we just discussed, the Packers have shown faith in players such as Jones before, allowing that player to fight through his struggles. My guess is Jones reclaims his spot if healthy but would be on thinner ice.
Q: Rudy, Phoenix, AZ - Hi Tyler, What did you think of the Packers run defense today vs The Jets? Did they improve enough today to make you think this won't be a problem all season?
A: Tyler Dunne - Rudy: The second half was probably as good as the Packers' run defense has played since its win at Baltimore Oct. 13 of last season. Might not be saying a lot considering opposing backs knifed through Green Bay's run D all of November and December, but it's a start. Chris Ivory was mostly two or three yards and a cloud of dust (13-43-1) and Chris Johnson (12-21) was a non-factor. Outside of the one triple-option play, the Jets' longest run of the day went for only 11 yards. The Packers tackled much better.
Q: Ben, Chicago - Sam Shields seems to have a habit of getting caught peeking into the backfield. Is that something he can overcome or is it just too engrained?
A: Tyler Dunne - Ben: That's something he has needed to work on through the years. He's one cornerback who can afford to take a gamble here and there, trying to read quarterbacks, because of his incredible make-up speed. The touchdown Shields allowed today, however, wasn't the result of peeking into the backfield if that's what you're referring to. Shields was up into Eric Decker's grill in press coverage and Decker beat him on the release. The receiver a mini double move a few yards off the line to freeze Shields for a split-second.
Q: Mike M., Las Vegas, NV - The Bears looked pretty good against the 49ers and the Chargers handed it to the Seahawks. Is this a "rock, paper, scissors" league?
A: Tyler Dunne - Mike: Use that analogy a lot. It is. And it's also Week 2. We just don't know who the pretenders and who the contenders are yet.
Q: Eric, Lino Lakes, MN - Hi Tyler, thanks for taking our questions. Last week against Seattle, McCarthy said he put too much pressure on the team in certain situations. So this week, after closing on the Jets 21-9 he calls for an onside kick and they don't recover. If that's not putting pressure on the defense I don't know what is. If Williams doesn't make that interception, I could have been a real momentum killer and we could be lamenting another loss today. Do you think McCarthy made the right call in that situation?
A: Tyler Dunne - Eric: The Packers have practiced that onside kick in the past. They want Mason Crosby to drop the ball just over that first wave. Didn't really have a problem with it here the way the defense was playing in the first half. You do bring up an interesting point. If Daniels doesn't hit Smith, if Williams doesn't pick off that pass, what's the conversation like right now? Who knows if Uncle 'Mo makes an appearance.
Q: Brad Van Ert - Is there realistic hope for an improved pass rush?
A: Tyler Dunne - Brad: The second half showed signs of hope for Green Bay. Daniels gets held by a guard and gets to Smith for a sack. Capers sent Tramon Williams more. Matthews finally started getting home. It wasn't much, but it's a start for a 4-3 the Packers installed to generate more pressure.
Q: Wil 3rd, Cape Coral, FL - Hi Tyler! Thanks for you and the JS Team's coverage - superb! Call me crazy, but did not notice Sherrod much - and that is a good thing. What say you? Thanks!
A: Tyler Dunne - Will: We appreciate it. Thanks a lot. As mentioned, the Packers did give Sherrod help later in the game, which was a factor. But unlike Seattle, he didn't allow the game-breaking pressure in the second half. Rodgers was hit a bunch, but it wasn't all on Sherrod. They probably just don't want to rely on him for multiple games. McCarthy needs to trust that all five linemen can handle their guys 1 on 1 to start getting creative elsewhere with players. Needing to chip a back or tight end, needing to worry about that position at all can dull things.
Q: tazrule - How would you like to be Marty Mornhinweg today?
A: Tyler Dunne - Taz: I would not. ...And the backdrop to this whole late-night chat really is that touchdown that wiped off the board. If that score stands, it's a much different story.
Q: Rob, Key West, FL - Did Casey Hayward play today? And how did Ha-Ha do today compared to Pryor?
A: Tyler Dunne - Rob: We talked about Hayward -- that'll likely be a game-to-game decision on Green Bay's part with the cornerback depth. Today, House got the call. Rex Ryan was right. Calvin Pryor will hit you. Didn't get to watch the two safeties too, too closely but Clinton-Dix was burnt badly deep and was lucky the pass a bit overthrown. Still, he's a player with some playmaking ability and the Packers might need him even more if Hyde is out for a while. ... OK, that's it for tonight guys. Thanks for chatting.
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