How NFL Scouts view Packers' FAs

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How NFL Scouts view Packers' FAs

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How NFL scouts view Packers' free agents
Bob McGinn

Several NFL executives in personnel were asked by the Journal Sentinel in the last two weeks to evaluate the Green Bay Packers' unrestricted free agents, restricted free agents and released players.

Free agency officially opens at 3 p.m. Tuesday.

Here are excerpts from the scouts' remarks to the Journal Sentinel's Bob McGinn.


Bryan Bulaga, T: "Can make some money. Injury is the key with him. He's a good player. He's the second level. Not a Pro Bowler. Some of it you've got to take with a grain of salt because of the offense. They're able to hide those guys. The ball's out and that guy (Aaron Rodgers) can move around."..."Besides the fact he's been hurt a lot he still gives them stability on their line. When he's been healthy he's played well. Any time there's a starting tackle on the market there's a pretty good market. There's never much out there at the position so people are going to be jumping to get him."..."Your concern would be the durability history. The one thing you want to evaluate, he plays in an offense where the quarterback gets rid of the football and can extend the play. If you don't have that kind of a quarterback, is his efficiency going to be as high as it was in Green Bay? It's not an exceptional tackle market. He's one of the better right tackles available. I don't see anybody starting him at left tackle."

Jarrett Bush, CB: "People will like him because of the type of kid he is. There will be an (opposing) coach who will say, if he doesn't stay there, they would want his personality around."..."His value will always be on special teams so there won't be a great market for him. He's a 31-year-old that's a special-teamer. I don't know if he'll make quite as much (money) this time, but I'm sure they'll keep him around."..."Veteran press-man corner. Core special-teams guy. Might be able to steal some snaps in dime packages selectively. You're looking for that guy but a younger version. I wouldn't say he's a special-teams ace. I'd say he's a solid contributor on special teams. You're not getting a difference-making player on special teams."

Matt Flynn, QB: "I would not pay him. I would think he's a minimum guy."..."He needs to stay there because that's the only place he's had success. He's gotten wealthy off everybody else. I think they'd probably be fine as long as they have (Scott) Tolzien. Flynn would get another job. There's just not enough quarterbacks."..."Fits a West Coast system. Not a vertical passer. Average NFL backup. Can get you through a game or two. Manages a contest."

Letroy Guion, NT: "As always, Letroy has found a way to muddy things up for himself. If he gets off all that stuff he's going to command some money just because he had a good year. He was (consistent) and he was healthy. His past wasn't quite that way. If he gets cleared he'll be fine. Their defense let him do more what he does naturally, which is just use his strength and then run around after that. (The Vikings') was run around first and then use your strength."..."That was a good signing for the Packers. He played well this season. Played all the techniques and a one- or two-gap system. Can play all three downs. I see him as a low-end starter. He would upgrade any team's depth. Semi-productive. He played nose there but he could play DT in a 4-3 scheme, which is what he came from in Minnesota. The impact of the off-the-field issue certainly resonates on his market. He was just a few (weeks) away from getting a nice payday. He signed a one-year ($985,000) deal and took care of his business. If I was Green Bay I'd say, 'Look, go to free agency, don't do anything, we're going to let this process run its course and stay in touch.'"

Davon House, CB: "There will be a market but it won't be a strong market. I read the stuff where he said he's a starter, but every chance he's gotten to be a starter he hasn't really done a whole lot. But he's big and strong and can run, and he's young. Somebody's definitely going to want to take that chance and see if he should be on the field more. You see the athleticism but not him being able to put it all together. If you get a chance to start for three weeks you've got to be able to make some plays. I'd guess you're probably talking $2 to $4 million."..."Interesting prospect. He'd be a real good No. 3 corner who for some teams may have a chance to be a No. 2. Nowadays, you need three good corners. Ideally, you'd love to pay for the value of a No. 3. I just think he could fall into a starting position. If he gets paid as a No. 3 it'll be top of the market. If he gets paid as a No. 2 it'll be at the low end. That's between $4 and $6 million, but it only takes one team to pay him. Outside player. Can play press man. He's got size, speed. He's a little straight-line, a little stiff in his change of direction. He's a young guy with maybe another level of up side. He can run with speed. The issue is some of his lateral movement skills."

John Kuhn, FB: "His market will be limited because there aren't many teams that use a fullback. If they do it's 10 plays a game. Over half the league has no use for him."..."He'll stay right where he's at and be a folk hero. I don't think there's a great market for him. What he does is limited, and his role is best right where he's at. He's not a great anything but he's a jack of all trades. Green Bay is where he gets all his Pro Bowl votes. He should stay there."..."Minimal market based on the role of the position. It's a position you want to get younger at. I'd see a cool market at a veteran cost. He's a serviceable (blocker) for what the Packers ask him to do. He's not a thumper or a lead striker. He knows how to use angles. He'll be more efficient than he is powerful. As a runner, he's not making anybody miss."

Jamari Lattimore, LB: "He's a special-teamer slash situational type player more so than anything else. He may have a limited market but it won't be great by any stretch."..."Has had durability issues. He runs well and is a good athlete. He can play in space. Biggest criticism is his ability to take on and shed blocks. His instincts are questionable. He'd be a good signing for somebody if they needed a backup. He'd be an outside linebacker in a 4-3 and the weak inside in a 3-4. Can play all three downs. The athletic qualities will allow him to at least be a contributor on special teams."

B.J. Raji, NT: "Overweight guy. I think his play has gone the other way. I think he really peaked in (2010). He was really good then."..."Because he hasn't played, his number probably will be lower off the top. I wouldn't say it'd be a minimum type number but it's not going to be a strong number. He didn't play well the year before (2013), and that's what people remember. He hasn't done it since the Super Bowl year (2010)."..."It's very hard to gauge. I think he'll be probably in the same situation he was last year based on the injury. He's not exclusively for the 3-4 teams. I could see a 4-3 team looking at him as a one-technique and potentially a three-technique. Two-down guy you want to replace in your nickel packages. It'd be less than last year (one year, $4 million) based on the injury. Somewhere between $2.5 and $3 million."

Tramon Williams, CB: "I don't think he'll make a ton. Maybe $5 million (per year). I think he played just OK. I think he's on the other end (of his career). Yes, he can (get a starting job). You see who's starting in the league."..."There will be a pretty good market for him just because there's not a lot of corners. I'd guess he'd still be able to command anywhere from $4 to $6 million (per year). Just probably won't get as many years as he wants. He's one who's proven himself. His only drawback is (age). He can still run. He didn't play as well this year as he's played in past years. He went from being really fast to fast. He could still do it. It's just how long can he still do it." ..."Veteran. For some teams he still could be a No. 2 type corner, but you're going to worry about him getting matched on speed down the field against some of the top players. Still quick. He still has short-to-midrange cover skills. A lack of deep speed and potential decline of deep speed is an issue if you're looking at him as a starter. He can certainly be a good veteran No. 3. He may have lost a step but he's still instinctive, savvy."


Don Barclay, T: "Obviously, they like him, but he's coming off an ACL."..."He's a former starter. If they don't tender him I think somebody will give him a look. I can't say realistically he played well the year before to say that you need to be fired up to go get him. I think they still want him back but not for (second-round) type money."

Jarrett Boykin, WR: "I think he's really limited. I think his production last year (2013) was because of Rodgers."..."Improving. He needs to stay where he is. I don't think he lit the world on fire to make people jump at him, either. I don't see him getting tendered necessarily."

Sean Richardson, S: "Big safety. Special teamer."..."With his injury history and limited play time I don't see him necessarily getting tendered. He's almost still in the developmental stage. He's probably best staying right where he is. He's big and athletic, but he missed so much time and that was a scary (cervical) injury."


A.J. Hawk, LB: "He'll have a job. I don't think he's going to get the money he thinks he's going to get. I've never been a big A.J. Hawk fan."..."He'll get a look. Not for the same dollar figure because he's 31. He's possibly a starter somewhere."..."I know he had the (ankle) injury this year. You could probably squeeze another year out of A.J. as a starter. He's probably not what he once was, but I still think he's got another year to start. I don't see the third-down nickel value in him anymore. He could be a 4-3 'mike' or a 3-4 inside backer."
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