Packers 55 Bears 14 and Thanksgiving 2015

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Packers 55 Bears 14 and Thanksgiving 2015

Postby RingoCStarrQB » Sun May 10, 2015 1:34 am

In the post-draft lull that has seemingly crept in to the psyche of some of the 1265 faithful, just can't get enough help anticipating the 49th anniversary season commemoration of Super Bowl I with the GOLD PACKAGE home opener against the Chiefs at Lambeau Field in TITLETOWN .................. re-watched the first half of last season's Game #9 blow-out at Lambeau Field this afternoon. Quarless looked great that day .......... as did Guion, Peppers, Matthews and Burnett. Oh by the way.........the season opener is at Chicago this season (yawn) ............ season home opener at Lambeau Field versus the Seachickens (Packers favored by 8 ........... Prediction: Packers 38 Seattle 17).

Looking ahead to what will make the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight hype look like a Jaguars-Titans AFC South match up ..... next Turkey Day evening on NBC TV looks to be a classic for the ages when Brett Favre returns to Titletown to see his number 4 unveiled in the northendzone. Game tickets are going for over $1,000 in the secondary market ... 5-9298751/ ......... exceeding typical NFC Championship Game secondary market ticket pricing.

Don't forget........Ron Wolf will be honored at the November 15th GOLD PACKAGE game versus the Lions as well.

Don't forget.......Favre Packers HOF tickets go on sale on May 12th.

Don't forget.........after the Packers beat Da Bears on September 13th.........the following Bears-Packers match up game on Thanksgiving evening will give the Packers the opportunity to tie the overall series with Da Bears at 92-92-6. ... 06341.html

Packers have scored more TDs versus Da Bears.


BLUE 58 BLUE 58............3 19 3 19 HUT!!

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