What is your favorite position group on the 2015 Packers?

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Re: What is your favorite position group on the 2015 Packers

Postby mission » Thu Oct 22, 2015 9:43 pm

Despite last week's game, I'm going with the corners.
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Re: What is your favorite position group on the 2015 Packers

Postby Half Empty » Thu Oct 22, 2015 9:56 pm

ESKYMOPACK wrote:I likey the LBer crew.

Mathews is flying around creating chaos and Palmer, Thomas are cleaning up, and I think Peppers, Perry, Neal, Elliot could be considered the best OLBer crew in the NFL.

I likey the DB's.

Wow, it's almost like lightening has struck twice with the 2 rookies. Shields is probably a little scared that he may not have a job in the future here! Our safeties are playing more assignment sure than in the past.

I likey our DL.

What a change it's been since they started to penetrate the LOS rather than holding up guys. Daniels and Raji are doing fantastic, and Pennell and Guion are coming on. Keep stopping the run guys.

I likey the OL.

San Diego did something to this OL they weren't used to. They rushed AR into a tight pocket by not taking the OT's out wide so that AR didn't have a place to go. That will be fixed and so should Bahk and his injury and our running game. Like this unit a lot!

So, other than offensive skill positions... :)
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