Lovie's Red Flag

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Lovie's Red Flag

Postby JustJeff » Mon Sep 14, 2009 10:04 pm

More from the Press-Gazette...

Did you notice?
♦ The Bears not only lost a challenge when Smith threw the red flag after Williams’ interception, but they lost yardage to boot. Williams was originally ruled out of the bounds at the Bears’ 3-yard line. But as Williams went out, he lost the ball and it appeared to go out of the bounds in the end zone, which would be a touchback for the Bears. After viewing the replay, referee Ron Winter not only ruled that Williams had stepped out of bounds before the ball came loose but also that he stepped out at the 1-yard line and not the 3.

As a matter of fact I did notice. The original spot was just short of the two. The post-challenge sport was on the one.
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