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More O-line Talk

Postby JustJeff » Fri Sep 18, 2009 3:38 pm

Packer Report wrote: Line Looks to Rebound

Offensive line coach James Campen says his group is accountable.

Even after a disappointing debut by the offensive line last week against Chicago, it’s been mostly business as usual at practice.
“He’s on us every week,” right guard Josh Sitton said of line coach James Campen. “Nothing changes.”

While the coaches have said there was more than enough blame to go around against the Bears, the focal point of the troubles has been right tackle Allen Barbre, who was making his first career start. Campen on Thursday said Barbre is having a good week of practice and most of his problems vs. Chicago were due to breakdowns in technique.

“He’s not the first guy to have a game like that,” Campen said. “His teammates say, ‘Hey, look, that happened to me at such-and-such.’ Allen knows how he played. ... He’s a resilient kid. He can be coached hard and he understands. He understands that it has to get done.”

Barbre said he hasn’t lost any confidence after being dominated by veteran defensive end Adewale Ogunleye, and he’s eager to make amends against the Bengals.

“I’m looking forward to getting out there and showing what I can do and prove to them that I can do it and leave no doubts,” Barbre said.

Campen has been impressed with how Barbre has reacted, and that’s carried forward with Barbre making himself available to reporters after the game as well as on Thursday.

“I just believe you get into a tough position and something happens, you don’t go run and cower from it,” Campen said. “You don’t do those things and you’re accountable. Certainly, I was proud of the fact that he was accountable to it. After the game, he spoke about it, got it off of his chest, didn’t go run and hide from it. I think that was excellent for him. That tells you a guy is accountable to me, he’s accountable to his group. Certainly, the rest of the guys, they’re not hiding behind the fact that it was a poor performance on opening day. As a group, they’re very accountable kids.”

Meanwhile, Barbre can only imagine what the Bengals’ coaches and defensive linemen are thinking after watching the film. The Bengals, who recorded only 17 sacks last season, had three against Denver.

“They’re probably saying some things about they can exploit me and whatnot, but if I go out there and play the technique, I feel like I can beat anybody,” Barbre said.

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