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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 5:40 pm
by JustJeff
Tom Silverstein of the Journal Sentinel wrote:The dropsies: The Packers had five drops against the Bears, two each by receivers Donald Driver and Jordy Nelson.

Driver at least made good on four other throws to him, but Nelson dropped the only two passes thrown his way. It was a fairly surprising development given he did not have a dropped pass all of last season and had a very solid training camp.

"It's out of the ordinary for our guys in general, but it happened," receivers coach Jimmy Robinson said.

One of the passes Nelson didn't come up with had a high degree of a difficulty. He was running a go-route between two defenders and had to stretch out both arms to snare Rodgers' tight throw. Nelson got both hands on it, but it slipped through his fingers.

"Jordy told me he kind of lost the ball early in the lights and when it came out of the lights he didn't get a great bead on it," Robinson said. "It was a good throw. It was extending him out and stretching him out, but Jordy knows in this league you have to make that play. That's a big play in the game that could have changed the whole nature of the game."