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Re: Rodgers Injury: Podium

Postby Mendeleev » Sat Oct 28, 2017 8:02 pm

BF004 wrote:
Mendeleev wrote:
BF004 wrote:To be fair, a 35% approval rating does not mean 65% think his policies stink. Like I said, Obama's average was generally around 40-45. Trumps average is around 40.

I've stated this several times and yet you just keep regurgitating the same drivel.

And pretty much the only approval rating that will matter will be in October/November 2019.

2020, and second of all

In which specific poll was Trump averaging 40 and Obama averaging 40-45. I doubt that both those results came from the same polling company.

RCP average which has been talked about at length already.

38.9 favorable today.

Thanks for the usual random pop in and contribution.
Obama averaging 40-45 seems disingenuous. His ratings on that list for the year were


One year below 45. 1st term was 50, second term was 46.

If you look at Obama's approval rating, or Bush's, their most popular points are their first years in office. Your argument is specious. Trump's approval rating in his first year is lower than the previous two presidents, by a statistically significant amount. You're right, opinion polls in 2020 matter more, but Trump would have to improve, or sustain, and if you have confidence he can do that, more power to you.
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Re: Rodgers Injury: Podium

Postby BF004 » Sat Oct 28, 2017 9:04 pm

You are right, I meant to say just 45, not 40-45.

And I’m not defending Trump at all here, his first year is abysmal, I know you think I’m supporting him but I’m not. Don’t read between the lines and make assumptions. I didn’t vote for Trump, I don’t respect him, if he keeps his mouth shut, doesn’t touch social issues, secures the border, repeals OCare and reform taxes( the one thing I trust him on actually), it will be a positive presidency in my eyes. But I’ll root for him just like I did O despite not liking his policies much.

I was simply stating mike saying 65% think his policies stink is very dishonest, 35% is an under sell of closer to a 40% average, and not approving also doesn’t mean people think the exact opposite, the reason there is also an a unfavorable rating.
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