The final Lupe Mock

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The final Lupe Mock

Postby lupethefiasco » Thu Apr 30, 2015 7:20 am

Im going to take the time to brag about my accuracy when it comes to mock drafts for a second. Me nailing guys like Abbredderis, Janis, Linsley, Perry, Casey Hayward, Mike Daniels, Jerron McMillian (although in my mock I had him as a 7th), Sherrod, Guy, Burnett, and Starks.

Anyways on to the mock. Thoughts before I go into it: This mock is basically what I would do as GM. I dont do trades in my mocks because theyre to unpredictable. I try to realistically project who will be available when the Packers pick. I think their will be a run on CBs early and I think the ILBs will stick around for a little while because the nature of the position.

Round 1: Marcus Peters CB Washington 6' 197
I would really like Kevin Johnson here but Im pretty sure hes going to go in the teens but I said that when Perry was drafted and that was the guy I wanted that year. Peters is easily the best cover corner IMO. Hes a total package player with his ability to play man and zone, press and get physical with receivers, tackle running backs and receivers, and he has ball skills. There are the red flags but certain things leading up to the draft lead me to believe that hes changed. First the team let him participate in the Washington pro day. I also liked what I heard from him in his interview with the media which could have been all talk but I bought it. Anyways I love him as a cover corner, we have a very good group of guys in the DB group that hold each other accountable and it could be a maturing point.

Before I go with my 2nd round pick I really think the Packers are going to move up and get Stephone Anthony. I for some reason am so sure theyre going to end up with him whether its trading back in the 1st or trading up in the 2nd to get him.

Round 2: Denzel Perryman ILB Miami 5'11 236
I think we are going to see some of the ILBs fall a bit in the 2nd. Perryman is the guy because of the lack of speed and size but it will end up being another 2nd round steal fro the Packers. Great tackler, all technique and fundamentals, and he can cover well enough to make an impact against the pass as well.

Round 3: Paul Dawson ILB TCU 6' 235
Back to back ILBs! Dawson is a guy who is all over the field and just makes plays. Like Perryman he is very skilled and has had good coaching throughout his career. Lets not forget how weak the position is. We only have one true ILB on our roster and Im not so sure Barrington is that good. What if one of these guys gets hurt? We're back to square one.

Round 4: David Johnson RB Northern Iowa 6'1 224
All around good back. He can run, catch, he has speed and size. The only thing he doesnt have is the school and the competition but honestly I think he is one of the best backs is the draft who would probably go higher had it not been for this stud class of backs. Im convinced that this is the 3rd best back in the class.

Round 5: Lorenzo Doss CB Tulane 5'11 187
Ive had Doss in almost all my mocks. If 1 thing is for certain TT likes his ball hawks in the secondary. Casey Hayward and Burnett were two guys I said I would need to have when I was mocking them because they were play makers. Doss is another guy who just has tremendous ball skills whether its creating a turnover or swatting the pass. His hand eye coordination is outstanding. He had 14 INTs in 3 seasons for Tulane.

Round 6a: Austin Hill WR Arizona 6'3 212
I really like Hill. He was one of the nations best receivers before a series of injuries but this is early round talent at a discounted price. He has the size to win 50/50 balls and he has enough speed to separate from slower CBs.

Round 6b: Torrian Wilson OT/OG UCF 6'3 305
A LT prospect who can probably move inside at the next level. The Packers almost always draft LTs to play along their OL and Wilson is no different.

Round 6c: Jesse James TE Penn St 6'7 264
James is a massive TE who can block pretty well and has the potential to become a solid pass catcher with his size but the athletic ability is lacking.

Round 7: Terry Williams NT East Carolina 6'1 353
Ive had Terry Williams in most of my mocks as well and its hard to say where hes going to go. They dont make many men this big. He is literally unblockable at his size but conditioning and work ethic has been an issue. With the amount of NTs we currently have that shuoldnt be an issue but with Raji returning from injury I wouldnt mind having some insurance entering the year.
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Re: The final Lupe Mock

Postby YoHoChecko » Thu Apr 30, 2015 9:35 am

If Doss is picked at CB, he would have by far the slowest 3-cone ever selected by TT. It'd be a major departure from their standard CB measurables.
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