backthepack oct mock

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backthepack oct mock

Postby backthepack4ever » Sat Oct 10, 2015 5:00 pm

Comp picks 2 5ths

GB picking last of course

1 Josh Doctson WR TCU

A Ted pick. He never is scared to keep the cupboard full. With Nelson coming off injury and a year old and all the injuries the pack already has had at the position, why not get another weapon for Rodgers. At 1st look Doctson reminds me of a young Greg Jennings. Hes pro route runner right now and catches everything his way. He might not be the physical freak that most like in the 1st round but he is going to be a solid pro. With the right QB he could be a pro bowler.

2 Carl Lawson OLB/DE Auburn

This is a dream pick bc I don't know if he will fall this far but the injuries could push him down. Hes a team leader and has a love for the game. Better yet, when healthy he looked unblockable! We could have a turnover at pass rushers so we need to keep bringing them in. This kid is a pass rusher. Hopefull the hip isn't to bad.

3 Nick Vannett TE OSU

Big athletic kid that could become a nice threat down the seem. High effort guy. His stats don't jump off the page but OSU doesn't use him as much as they could. Put him in the right system he could be a nice piece.

4 Clint Van Horn OL Marshall.

NFC took my early linemen, but I might like Van Horn better. BIg strong athletic. High school wrestler. Light on his feet. Stays on the field and mauls folks in the run game.

5a Bronson Kaufusi DE BYU

Interesting guy. Played both basketball and football. His weight has been up and down. Took time off to do some mission work. coaches son. Played LB and DL. One thing is for sure he can get pressure on qbs. Could play a Peppers kind of role.

5b Reuben Foster ILB Bama

teammates say hes crazy... in a good way. He will stick you. ST machine. was #1 ILB prospect going into college. Might not come out. Better football yet to come.

5c Vernon Butler DT La Tech

Ted likes his Big boys and we have question marks with guys leaving up front.

6 Justin Simmons FS/DB BC

After the news about Richardson injury we might be looking for a guy that could fill his shoes. Simmons has nice size and has played both CB and FS.

7 Keith Marshall RB GA

Behind Chubb in the GA backfield but he is explosive and effective when he touches the ball. A nice change of pace guy for Lacy.

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Re: backthepack oct mock

Postby NCF » Sat Oct 10, 2015 6:02 pm

Never heard of a single name in this one.


I just glanced over for now, but I'll be back to look at all of your videos. Its never too early to start putting these names in your mind.

Thanks for mock!!

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Re: backthepack oct mock

Postby BF004 » Sun Oct 11, 2015 1:07 am

NCF wrote:Never heard of a single name in this one.


I just glanced over for now, but I'll be back to look at all of your videos. Its never too early to start putting these names in your mind.

Thanks for mock!!

This for me too, exactly, lol.
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Re: backthepack oct mock

Postby YoHoChecko » Sun Oct 11, 2015 5:34 pm

Bronson Kaufusi is a guy I've had on my radar for a little while. Seems like the type of guy who ends up going a little higher than early expectations, but he's definitely got an intriguing body type and skill set
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Re: backthepack oct mock

Postby OldPackerFan » Tue Oct 20, 2015 11:21 pm

At this time, who knows. Guys shine and rise too far, guys fail and fall. Others get hurt. I suspect in the early rounds TT will be looking for the BPA at positions of need, like he usually does. Positions of need are TE, ILB, DL (Raji will probably leave) and left tackle. I really doubt he takes a WR in the first as he seems to do just fine at that position later.
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Re: backthepack oct mock

Postby JustisM » Thu Oct 22, 2015 8:33 am

I worry about Doctson's age and 40.

Carl Lawson is a top-10 pick when he's healthy. He just hasn't really been since the 2013 NCG and he's only a redshirt sophomore.

Kaufasi probably needs to move to 5-t at the pro level. Think Perry without the wheels, which isn't much at that size.
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