McCarthy's Post Practice Presser 8/4/15

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McCarthy's Post Practice Presser 8/4/15

Postby JustJeff » Tue Aug 04, 2015 6:16 pm

I was taking notes on McCarthy's presser. I'm using Tom Silverstein's presser notes. My additional notes will be in blue.

McCarthy: No update on Matthews.

McCarthy on CB: I think the corners are off to a good start. Getting their hands on some balls. The one on one drill was good work.

McCarthy on bump and run: QBs threw the ball well. The receivers got on top of some of the corners, but I think it was really good work.
Both sides (offense and defense) did well. The drill gave them a good look at everyone.

McCarthy on R. Rodgers: Definitely taken a step. He's really had some dominant plays in special teams. He blocked three punts in punt rush today. You think about where he was last year. He's catching the ball well. Off to a good start.

McCarthy on ILBs. Big opportunity. They need to make some big plsys. Too much thinking going on. That's understandable. Big installation day

McCathy on Montgomery: Ty done a good job. No inside or outside pattern on it. He's excellent as far as classroom. As quick as anybody who's come through. He's off to a good start.
Ty Montgomery is doing a really good job. Our receivers learn all four receiver positions. He's excellent as far as classroom. He's picking it all up easily, better than anyone who's come through here.

McCarthy on backup OL: Everybody competing for a position. Every time you look at an offensive line unit. You look at a number of our younger offensive linemen. All doing a good job.
Everyone's competing for a job. The O-linemen, the more they can do along the line, the higher their value.

McCarthy on running game: I'd say production for offense was high running the football if compare to prior years. The football IQ is higher.
We don't have enough padded work. He stayed on this for a bit. He's no fan of this aspect of the CBA. I dropped off around here. The sound level isn't good and McCarthy seemed to speak quieter as the presser went on, so I gave up.

McCarthy: Adrian Hubbard (groin) and Vince Kowalski (concussion) were out.

McCarthy on RB competition: Young guys doing good. Main thing is being out there today, getting reps, seeing them play football.

McCarthy on crowd noise: There will be a time for crowd noise.

McCarthy on Mulumba: He looks good. Frankly keep stacking performances he's putting together. Looks healthy, looks comfortable.

McCarthy on Eddie Lacy: He had some foot soreness. They pulled him out at the end there.
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